ZeroIdeas – Ideas out of Nothing
Author: Michael Ascker
Releasing Date: 01/08/2008 DD/MM/YYYY
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I believe ideas should become a reality or it will vanish. So I have founded ZeroIdeas to make my ideas real, by creating small, smart & free software.

During my career as an IT I have faced the need for tools that were not available for free, which led me to translate my needs into ideas, that guided  me to create multiple software and share some of them on this site out of my belief that programming is a passion rather than a career.

I have always found applications that make changes in the operating system or require framework for single task overwhelming.
So I created portable, junk free applications that do not require framework and can be preconfigured to fit the IT needs.

For example, as an IT pro I use “Autorun Detector”, “Cleano” and “User Temp Cleaner” in group policy or unattended setup with preconfigured registry setting for “Cleano” and “Autorun Detector”. On the other hand the same applications can be used by standard users for daily tasks.