Autorun Detector



Protect Windows OS from Autorun file attacks.


  • Detect drives that have autorun.inf files all fixed drive (local drive, USB flash memory, SD Card and USB Hard).
  • Select drives that will be scanned.
  • Start on login.
  • Run service on login.
  • Force unprivileged users to use it with pre specified options.
  • Log events.
  • Export settings as Registration Files (*.reg)


Command Line
Run Silent ADetectors ADetector /s


License Freeware

Releasing Date: 12/12/2012 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update:
15/12/2012 – DD/MM/YYYY


  Download Autorun Detector 0.94 Beta:

ADetector.exe b74843dc30e84687c5ad3cd66ccdb7e5 86 KB 29db3324676eaf28b0b043c6d833f9c0
ADetector.rar 86 KB 41bfb714688767027aa98811f95bb950