Short Path

Get the short path for any file or folder. In other words it converts an (file or folder)’s path to a file system path.



License Freeware


Download Short Path 0.2:

Releasing Date: 1/01/2008 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update:
10/02/2008 – DD/MM/YYYY


Windows Edition:

SPath.exe 8ee7344496fdc98d30bb775914454215 138 KB 0d6ee14bf6840e25e069d3edf7543151
SPath.rar 138 KB 1f92cb61314024f0a01acd56f6efa1af


Console Edition:

Releasing Date: 1/08/2012 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 1/08/2012 – DD/MM/YYYY

SPathC.exe f0f64ee73cfe19ecb7be5091a9dfc2de 26 KB f18d53f69bd573ce9ebc73aec5f57b26
SPathC.rar 26 KB f2618c0e8c9dec91e1a6de22ac6af2cb