Type Eraser

Delete specified file types from all fixed drives.

.suffix1 .suffix2Set file type to delete.
-W:s-r-lS: Shutdown on finish.
R: Restart on finish.
L: Log off after finish.
-D:drive1drive2Set affected drives for operation.
-E:drive1drive2Set drives to exclude from operation.
-AShow about.
-?Show help command.
Example:Delete all .mp3 & .rm files from all fixed drives.
TEraser.mp3 .rm
-e:c Exclude drive ‘c’
-e:cde Exclude drives c, d, e
-w:s Shutdown on finish.
Example:Delete all .mp3 & .rm files from drive e:
TEraser.mp3 .rm -d:e
-d:ef Select drive e, f for operation
-w:l Log off on finish.
If you don’t use -D argument all fixed drives will be affected.
You must confirm any operation by ‘C’

License Freeware

Releasing Date: 1/5/2009 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 21/8/2011 – DD/MM/YYYY

Download Type Eraser v0.6:

TEraser.zip 37 KBb60d173dbf933f8ef7b8345409bcd212
TEraser.rar 37 KBe6e558a71c7335f5fcb4dc6382a70a23