Type Eraser

Delete specified file types from all fixed drives.

teraser.exe .suffix1 .suffix2
Set file type to delete.
W:s   Shutdown on finish.
W:r   Restart on finish.
W:l   Log off after finish.
Set affected drives for operation.
Set drives to exclude from operation.
Show about.
Show help command.
Delete all .mp3 & .rm files from all fixed drives:
teraser.exe .mp3 .rm
Exclude drive ‘c’ and ‘d’:
teraser.exe -e:cd .mp3 .rm
Shutdown on finish:
teraser.exe -w:s -e:cd .mp3 .rm
If you don’t use -D argument all fixed drives will be affected.
You must confirm any operation by ‘C’

License: Freeware
Releasing Date: 01/05/2009 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 21/08/2011 – DD/MM/YYYY
Download Type Eraser v0.6:

I believe ideas should become a reality or it will be vanished. I founded ZeroIdeas to make my ideas real by creating smart, small & free software. Most of my applications were because of my needs in my career as IT. I fine that ITs in need to a lot of portable applications that do not need framework and can be preconfigured. For example I used Autorun Detector, Cleano and User Temp Cleaner in group policy or unattended setup with preconfigured registry setting for Cleano and Autorun Detector. Creating application is a kind of hobby more than career so I created a lot of applications that are not one the website.