Connection Alert

Monitor a specific network connection (such as VPN) and run custom tasks or launch executables.


  • Monitor a Network-Adapter status.
  • Monitor a Network-Adapter IPv4/IPv6 Regex.
  • VPN DNS-Leak Protection.
  • Sound Alarm.
  • Save status logs.
  • On-Disconnect:
    • Kill specified tasks.
    • Disabled specified network adapters.
  • Run-File-On:
    • Application Start
    • Application Exit
    • Network-Adapter Connect
    • Network-Adapter Disconnect
    • Application Service-Start
    • Application Service-Stop

» Developer Diary

Developer Diary:

  • The main purpose behind Connection-Alert is to monitor the status of a VPN connection to avoid being exposed after VPN connection disconnected or interpreted.
  • Connection-Alert is derived from one of my previous projects, which is the origin of Connection-Alert. Both projects share the same core (engine and settings).
    Development of the origin-project began on November 2017 as a console application with a status window, but with a major drawback that configuration changes had to be made manually in the configuration file.
  • After the success of the origin-project, I wanted to share it and help others protecting their Identity while using VPN.
    Therefore, on May 2020, I started the development of a new Windows project (Connection-Alert), that can be made publicly available.
  • Connection-Alert v1.3 is the first public release after a long time of testing and many stable releases that I have personally used.



License: Freeware
Releasing Date: 30/12/2021 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 11/02/2023– DD/MM/YYYY
Download Connection Alert v1.67:

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