Connection Alert

Monitor a specific network connection and its status, and perform custom tasks or launch executables.


  • Monitor a Network-Adapter status.
  • Monitor a Network-Adapter IPv4/IPv6 Regex.
  • VPN DNS-Leak Protection.
  • Sound Alarm.
  • Save status logs.
  • On-Disconnect:
    • Kill specified tasks.
    • Disabled specified network adapters.
  • Run-File-On:
    • Application Start
    • Application Exit
    • Network-Adapter Connect
    • Network-Adapter Disconnect
    • Application Service-Start
    • Application Service-Stop


License Freeware

Releasing Date: 01/01/2022 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 01/01/2022 – DD/MM/YYYY

Download Connection Alert v1.3:

MD5: b7eb51bc78c5cf82446057e4f65657cf
MD5: 6328736e136cd04bbdf7ca56fcc1615e
MD5: 6d548cba4dba49d9c187dc6c0930b6f7
MD5: 1876a1454c5cde3b35fad8bdbfffa93d