User Temp Cleaner

Clean user profile’s temporary files.

There are two editions first is Console application and the other is Window application for full silent clean.

-S Delete all but system files.
-H Delete all but hidden and system files.
-Q Quiet mode, don’t show files path. “Console”
-? Show help command.


  License Freeware


Releasing Date: 9/10/2008 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update:
21/8/2011 – DD/MM/YYYY


Download UTClean v0.3:

 Console Edition:

UTCleanerC.exe 8f5faae477c019de89c12e3511989b45 36 KB e69b26348a9df79911451df3da6365f2
UTCleanerC.rar 36 KB efc1b7aa2d870166b965e5a9fd411590


Windows Edition:

UTCleanerW.exe ea18ab8634cd41cc992fc5db629f1a96 32 KB b574d382bcb5445b4f1f3481b128e949
UTCleanerW.rar 32 KB cb80a3809d9c5c3e7da0166872f797a9


  You can use :

  UTCleaner.exe /S or UTCleaner.exe /S
  UTCleaner.exe S or UTCleaner.exe S