Service Stone

Turns any command or executable into a portable service.


  • Service status simulates the status of the main process and child processes.
  • Start service:
    • Run command or executable to start a service.
    • Determine service status by analyzing command-output.
    • Run a file after the service is started.
    • Start one or more services while starting a service.
  • Stop service:
    • Send Ctrl+C.
    • Terminate the process.
    • Use script/command to stop.
    • Run a file after the service is stopped.
    • Stop one or more services while stopping a service.
  • Run on login:
    • Start selected services.
    • Delay starting selected services.
  • On-Exit: Stop all running services.
  • Samples of pre-configured services.

» Developer Diary

Developer Diary:

  • Due to my need as a developer to use multiple services like php, nodejs, mysql, etc., in different versions.
  • I have created Service-Stone as a flexible portable service manager, which can turns any executable or command into a portable service without operating system integration.
  • Service Stone v1.7 is the first public release after a long time of testing and many stable releases that I have personally used.


License: Freeware
Releasing Date: 23/07/2022 – DD/MM/YYYY
Last Update: 11/02/2023– DD/MM/YYYY
Download Service Stone v1.8:

I believe ideas should become a reality or it will be vanished. I founded ZeroIdeas to make my ideas real by creating smart, small & free software. Most of my applications were because of my needs in my career as IT. I fine that ITs in need to a lot of portable applications that do not need framework and can be preconfigured. For example I used Autorun Detector, Cleano and User Temp Cleaner in group policy or unattended setup with preconfigured registry setting for Cleano and Autorun Detector. Creating application is a kind of hobby more than career so I created a lot of applications that are not one the website.