Project Backup Manager – Help


Project Backup Manager is mainly created for “MS Visual Studio” but it is useful for all other applications: 3DMax, JBuilder, Flash, Photoshop..etc


  • Exclude any file by name or type from backup.
  • Just Include any file or type in the project.
  • Backup files useing folders, 7-Zip, Winrar method.
  • Set max number of backups, older backups will be overwritten.
  • Using the program under command line mode.
  • Set timer to perform the backup.
  • Import / Export projects list.
Number of backups
Max number of backups, older backups will be overwritten, 0 means no limit.
Exclude: files that contain any of the following strings in this directory and subdirectories, backup all other files in this directory and subdirectories.
Include: backup just these files in the directory, this feature will allow you to create a backup just for a file or file types.
Restore selected backup.
Check to clear the project folder before restore.
Restore then Delete
Restore the selected backup then delete all versions.
Command line
Using path
PBManager.exe <project path>
PBManager.exe “c:\Projects\myProject”
Using project number
PBManager.exe <project nummber>
PBManager.exe #1
Get command
1- Open PBManager.exe
2- Select project
3- Pree Get Command button to generate the code
Visual Studio integration:
Project-> Property-> Build Events-> Pre-Build Events: Command Line
“E:\My Backups\PBManager.exe” “c:\Projects\myProject”

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