Project Backup Manager – Help


Informations Project Backup Manager is mainly created for “MS Visual Studio” but it is useful for all other applications: 3DMax, JBuilder, Flash, Photoshop..etc “Project Backup Manager” is a powerful tool which allows you to:

  • Exclude any file by name or type from backup.
  • Just Include any file or type in the project.
  • Backup files useing folders, 7-Zip, Winrar method.
  • Set max number of backups, older backups will be overwritten.
  • Using the program under command line mode.
  • Set timer to perform the backup.
  • Import / Export projects list.
Number of backups Max number of backups, older backups will be overwritten, 0 means no limit.
Filter Exclude / Include Exclude : files that contain any of the following strings in this directory and subdirectories, backup all other files in this directory and subdirectories. Include : buckup just these files in the directory, this feature will allow you to create a backup just for a file or file types.        E.G : .txt;Dialog;.dat
Restore Restore selected backup.
Cleanup Check to clear the project folder before restore.
Restore then Delete Restore the selected backup then delete all versions.
Command line parameters PBManager.exe #1 or #01 : 1 = project number you can get it from main visual. PBManager.exe ProjectFolder Or you can drag and drop project folder on PBManager.exe Use Get Command to generate the code Visual Studio: Project-> Property-> Build Events-> Pre-Build Events: Command Line And set the command that fit your project        E.G : E:\My Backups\PBManager.exe #1        E.G : E:\My Backups\PBManager.exe c:\Projects\myProject