Windows Medkit – Commands


/Show <File Path>
Show file immediately.
/Del <File Path>
Delete file immediately, usable with(/R).
/Kill <File Path>
Terminate specified task, usable with (/F).
Quiet mode, no error messages
Delete file on reboot, usable with (/Del)
Terminate specified task (Force)., usable with (/Kill)
/L <File Path>
Create a log file default is WinMedkit.log near the executable file, usable with all arguments
Invoke help dialog.
Invoke about dialog.
Use “” to input path with spaces.
Using system variables: %systemroot% == c:\windows
WinMedkit.exe /del %systemroot%\
WinMedkit.exe /del %systemdrive%\
WinMedkit.exe /del c:\ /l c:\file.log /r
WinMedkit.exe /del /r c:\
WinMedkit.exe /show c:\
WinMedkit.exe /kill iexplore.exe
WinMedkit.exe /kill iexplore.exe /f
WinMedkit.exe /del c:\ /l
WinMedkit.exe /kill iexplore.exe /l

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